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5 Places to Get Fit in Maple Grove

5 Places to Get Fit in Maple Grove

Getting fit takes hard work and determination. Working out at home isn’t always as easy as we tell ourselves it is. It’s important to know and understand how we best workout and what’s most enjoyable. Getting fit takes time and commitment, but we are here to make it a little easier. Get a jump start on your fit journey research but signing up for the most fitting choice for you. The journey may be uphill but your health is worth it.

If You Like Group Classes

If group classes are for you, check out Orangetheory in Maple Grove. They focus on getting you to the orange zone, which really just means they want you to feel the burn and get the most out of your workout. Orangetheory is high-intensity training that’s a combination of cardiovascular and strength training. It only takes one hour to work your whole body.

If You Want to Get Fit On a Budget

Snap Fitness might be a great option. Not only is it a great value, but Snap Fitness in Maple Grove is also open 24 hours. One less excuse for not making it to the gym. There are even three different Snap Fitness locations in Maple Grove.

If You Want to Get Fit But Short on Time

Maple Grove Fit Body Boot Camp is only 30 mins. This fun and challenging high-intensity interval training group class are led by a certified personal trainer. The Fit Body Boot Camp is made to burn fat and tone your entire body all in a fun and quick training session.

If You’re Really Committed to a Healthy Lifestyle

Life Time Fitness may be a bit more spendy than most gyms, but for good reason. Life Time has it all. Life Time is perfect for those who love amenities. From luxury locker rooms to premier workout classes, to the LifeCafe and LifeSpa, Life Time has everything you need for a well rounded healthy lifestyle.

If You’re All About the Latest Fitness Trends

For anyone that’s very in, Surge Cycling is a perfect match. There’s a reason cycling is all the rage. It’s not just a cardio workout, Surge Cycling will work your upper and lower body for 45 minutes. Bring your friends. Join the party.

Bonus: If you’re more of the outdoor type, check out ways to get outside and get active in Maple Grove.



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