Eating Well in Maple Grove

Maple Grove is more than capable of keeping any foodie happy. No matter the craving, Maple Grove has a match. But with over 90 restaurants it’s hard to know where to begin. Here we break it down so it’s easy for you to answer the dreaded question of, “what’s for dinner tonight?”

Maple Grove’s Top Italian

If your favorite is Italian, you are in luck. When it’s easy to see you want pasta and you want it now, you’ll be faced with the question, “but where do I want it?”

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano is a crowd pleaser. With only 20 locations in the States, Biaggi’s in Maple Grove is a must try. It might be fair to say it’s a unique Italian experience in Maple Grove. The perfect setting for a date night, a family outing, and a work lunch, Biaggi’s welcome all for every occasion. Their menu is full of great selections of pasta, soups, salads, pizza, and plenty of other Italian favorites. 

Olive Garden the very classic, can’t go wrong choice. It’s easy to remember warm breadsticks and an overflowing plate of pasta, that keeps you coming back. Offering unique specials on certain days and times, it’s definitely worth stopping in. There’s something about that Olive Garden experience that makes it many people’s go-to.

Buca di Beppo is the place to go when there are lots of mouths to feed. Serving up Italian favorites family style, Buca is a perfect dining option for getting to taste a variety of dishes with your family. Buca di Beppo is made up of recipes handed down from generations by Italian immigrants. All dishes are meant to be shared with loved ones around the table.  You may think you’ve had every pasta imaginable until you explore the variety that Buca offers.

A Night Out in Maple Grove

Pittsburgh Blue, just may have the finest steak in Maple Grove. Pittsburgh Blue will also provide you excellent chops and seafood. This is perfect spot for your next date.

Redstone Grill, provides a very classy setting for an evening out. Redstone always provides great service and offers a great selection of their menu.  It’s also important to note this is not a place you want to skip dessert, even if it means eating dessert first. Redstone has a very rustic but warm feel that makes it great not only for a romantic night out but for any occasion you have to celebrate.

Maple Grove’s Mexican Food

Sometimes Mexican food really hits the spot. When you crave it, there is nothing else that can compare. Maple Grove has top of line options for your next Mexican food night.

El Rodeo is unique family run authentic Mexican restaurant. After you make a visit it’ll be easy to see why El Rodeo is so highly rated. Their menu is overflowing with tasty authentic picks. You’ll just have to keep coming back to experience all that El Rodeo has to offer.

Teresa is a Mexican restaurant with six locations across the Twin Cities metro area.  Their plump menu, patio dining, and fun atmosphere are all part of the equation that keeps Teresa growing in popularity across Minnesota.

Quick Eats in Maple Grove

Usually, it can be difficult to find a good lunch break spot. It’s even more difficult to find a healthy choice that’s also fast. However, Maple Grove was made for quick lunches.

Panera offers a quick lunch that’s both hearty and healthy. During the Winter months what would be more satisfying than picking up a salad and some warm and flavorful soup? Panera makes things quick, with the help of kiosks that help you get your order through when lines get long. You’ll be in and out and back to the office with your soup in no time.

Chipotle is a healthy and filling option for your lunch break. Building your burrito won’t take too long and you’ll be back in business before you know it. Chipotle is a great build your own option and can provide you a different a unique lunch every day of the week.

Cafe Zupas is a quick stop for great soups, salads, and sandwiches. Their chocolate dipped strawberries that come with every meal make you feel like you really treated yourself. Zupas is sure to keep you making healthy choices, even when you’re short on time.

Maple Grove’s Healthy Choices

Eating healthy can be hard, but it can be easier. There are great choices for healthy eating in Maple Grove, making the healthy choices, a little easier.

Grabbagreen Thought a healthy fast food was impossible? Think again!  Located on Main Street in Arbor Lakes, eating healthy couldn’t get easier or more convenient than this. Grabbagreen is your destination for fresh, tasty meals you won’t regret. Their menu consists of  Grabbagreens, Grabbagrains, breakfast options, and flavorful smoothies, fresh pressed juices, acai cups, and other fresh and healthy drinks. 

Cafe Zupas has great options to make some healthier choices. With a menu of fresh soups, salads, quinoa protein bowls, and sandwiches it’s easy to avoid unhealthy choices. Cafe Zupas offers a unique variety of Maple Grove. Your healthy decisions will be required with a chocolate covered strawberry treat with any meal you order. Zupa’s makes healthy choices a little more fun.

Sandwich Shops in Maple Grove

Maple Grove is a great place to be a sandwich person. With seven Subways and two Jimmy Johns- you have your bases covered. Even beyond those favorites there a sandwich stop around every corner.

Panera Bread puts all that bread to good use. Making magic soup and sandwich combos are their specialty. Panera provides healthy options for a quick lunch or dinner. Their cozy atmosphere and warm drinks will keep you coming back again and again.

Potbelly delivers a fun experience along with the toasty sandwich of your choosing. Unique sides and desserts are offered to make a great addition to your Potbelly Sandwich. If you want a sandwich experience unique from the rest, Potbelly is made for you.

Which Wich is right for you if you like your sandwiches on the hearty side. They’re known for their ability to turn any Wich into a wrap of salad. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options and some pretty sweet sides, like real ice cream milkshakes.

Jersey Mike’s offers something unique. A zing. Their special red wine vinegar and olive oil blend bring that special something to every sandwich. It’s what brings them to the next level. Give it a try.

Pizza Night in Maple Grove

Maple Grove provides a great assortment of pizza. While there are the options to come to expect, like Dominoes and Pizza Hut, there are also more unique choices for your next pizza party.

Pieology Pizzeria is located conveniently in the center of some great shopping at Arbor Lakes. You can count on Pieology for oven fired, crisp pies. This is the place to let your imagination run wild because here you get to build your own and customize your entire pizza.

Punch Pizza, is the Italian inspired Neapolitan pizza one-stop shop. These Neapolitan pizzas are unique to Punch Pizza, which is also unique to the Twin Cities metro area. If you’re looking for an out of the ordinary pizza this is where you have to go.

Frankie’s Chicago Style Pizza if thin and crisp isn’t your style, Frankie’s is made for you. Featuring hearty Chicago style pizzas, Frankie’s is guaranteed to fill you up. Not only can you find pizza’s at Frankie’s but you will also discover a tasty selection of sandwiches, BBQ, dogs, and appetizers. You don’t have to go far to get a taste of Chicago.

Delicious Desserts in Maple Grove

What’s the best dessert in Maple Grove? Well, Maple Grove is chalk full of sweet treats, so that’s for you to decide. From picking up dessert for the family dinner or treating yourself, the possibilities are endless. Maple Grove has many wonderful desserts but they also have some more unique options as well.

Nadia Cakes you know you’ve heard of them before. How exactly? Nadia Cakes is a winner on the popular Food Network show, Cupcake Wars. This cupcake heaven offers a wide variety of cupcakes flavor, adding addition fun flavor each holiday and season. Not only have they won Cupcake Wars but they’ve also won many other awards for their work, including the title of Best Desserts in Maple Grove for two years and Best Cupcakes in Minnesota by WCCO. After getting a bit of these cupcakes, it’ll be easy to see why they ship nationwide. While cupcakes are their specialty, they also offer other great desserts and create custom cakes. You can find Nadia Cakes on Fountain Drive in Maple Grove. Swing by Nadia Cakes to pick up a sweet surprise for your family today.

Nothing Bundt Cakes is another fun specialty bakery. Nothing Bundt cake offers ten different flavors and 40 unique designs. You can pickups your bundt right at the bakery or you can special order your bundt cake, choosing from a variety of sizes, designs, and layouts. They host 9 regular flavor varieties and will offer fun seasonal flavors- like pumpkin spice. Nothing Bundt Cakes is a perfect alternative for your typical birthday cake or holiday dessert. Mix things up this year with a bundt cake, located at 8085 Wedgewood Lane North.

Coldstone Creamery, for all the ice cream lovers out there.. there’s no better place than here. Coldstone offers every flavor out there and every combination you can imagine. While there’s plenty of places to pick up ice cream, Coldstone is always the classic pick. Located near some of the best restaurants in the Maple Grove Area, is natural to make your way over after a great meal. Stop by the fan favorite over on 7765 Main St N for dessert tonight.

Yogurt Lab, your ice cream alternative. After stopping by the Lab there is no other way you’ll want to do frozen yogurt. With countless flavors and toppings, you’re bound to whip up something awesome in this Yogurt Lab. When you don’t know where to start, their favorite equations should lead you in the right direction.Thankfully they are open 7 days a week year around and are conveniently located on Main St. as well.

Maple Grove’s Unique Eats

Looking to spice things up and need something new? Maple Grove just may have that out of the ordinary taste you’re looking for. Lucky for Maple Grove residents, with 90 restaurants it’s easy to try something new.

Naf Naf Grill is one of Maple Grove’s most unique restaurants. From small beginnings in Illinois, Naf Naf exploded as buzz broke about this new, authentic Middle Eastern food restaurants opened up. They are on a middle to popularize staples of Middle Eastern food, which they are already done here in Maple Grove. It’s been called the Chipotle of Middle Eastern food. After a comparison like that, it’s worth giving a taste.

Benihana is not your ordinary Tuesday night dinner nor is it your usual restaurant experience. At Benihana your chef will cook your food right in front you- talk about a dinner and a show. This Japanese restaurant is a sure hit for a night out with friends and it’s really easy to reserve your table online. Everything on the menu is very insta-worthy and mouthwatering. Maple Grove’s Benihana is located, by the Dave and Buster’s, on 11840 Fountains Way N.

With just a handful of locations across the country, Maple Grove’s Claddagh Irish Pub & Restaurant is something special. Regardless if you’re Irish or not you need to check Claddagh Irish Pub out. After making one visit it’ll be easy to see why they get stellar reviews again and again. This Irish pub is a fun atmosphere for holding an event and for enjoying live musical performances EVERY weekend. They’re far from ordinary. All that being just a few of the many reasons why the Claddagh Irish Pub & Restaurant is one the most popular spots in the city.

Coffee Cafes in Maple Grove

What’s the best part about a coffee shop? The taste of coffee? The atmosphere? The caffeine? Get out and enjoy a coffee today at one of Maple Grove’s many coffee shops.

Daily Dose Cafe & Espresso is one of the few unique coffee destinations in Maple Grove. Daily Dose is an independent and locally own shop. This relaxed caffeine haven is set right next to the Target in Maple Grove, giving you more options than just Target’s Starbucks. When you stop in, be sure to order a latte so you can see their latte art that’s on a whole new level.

Dunn Brothers, features a fun and unique atmosphere for spending your afternoon sipping coffee. Maple Grove offers two locations, both near Arbor Lakes, with one being in Cub Foods. Maple Grove does it right by always providing a coffee shop in every grocery store. Next time you have a lot to get done head to Dunn Brothers for a little caffeine and a great place to work.

Caribou, lucky for fans of this Minnesota native there is more than just a few in Maple Grove. So when you’re needing a boost of energy know that you can’t be far from a Bou. With each one being pretty close to shopping, it’s easy to see they go hand in hand- even with one in Lunds & Byerly.

Starbucks, also has a few locations in the Maple Grove area. With convenience like that, you’ll be sure to stay up on all the latest Starbucks cups news. Stop by one of their locations to treat yourself to one of their seasonal drinks or grab one in Target to power you through your next Target adventure.

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