Minnesota Cities That Require Truth In Housing Inspections – Reports Prior To Listing A Home

In Minnesota, there are a number of cities that require Truth In Housing Inspections – reports prior to listing a home. You may be thinking what exactly is a Truth In Housing Inspection and why do you have to have one done. It really is a safety net for potential sellers and buyers. I understand when you are getting ready to sell your home the last thing you want to do is pay for an inspector to come in and give you a checklist of items that need to be done prior to listing it for sale. However, I believe it really does save both parties time and money in the long run.

Let me explain, the MN cities listed below require every home seller to have a pre-inspection completed by a licensed inspector who has been approved by the city to meet their ordinances. This inspection is not like the one buyers obtain during the inspection time frame after you have agreed to a purchase, although there are many similarities. The items that are reviewed during the Truth In Housing report are certain life and health risks which, can be overlooked at times. Like I said earlier it’s a safety net for everyone involved. These inspection items can include checking the fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, noting there are backflow preventers as required, so your water isn’t getting contaminated and the GFI outlets are all in the proper locations, plus more. Following the inspection, the seller will be given a “fix it” checklist that notes the repairs that will be needed to be considered compliant with the current city codes. In most cases, the homeowner will have to make the repairs listed in the report and have a reinspection to complete the sale of their home. This is all done to ensure you will have a happy and safe sale of your home. The cost is covered by the seller and can vary in price depending on which city you live in. Don’t be offended if the buyer who gives you an offer on your home still decides to hire their own home inspector. Everyone trusts their own people and it gives the buyer another opportunity to take a closer look at what they plan on living in for years to come.

Time-Of-Sale Housing Inspection Required Cities And Contact Links


Bloomington Time of Sale Inspection Program

The inspection must be scheduled by the owner/seller or the listing agent before it can be shown for sale. This includes all single family, townhomes or condominiums.

Building and Inspections Division
952-563-8930 – timeofsale@bloomingtonmn.gov

BROOKLYN PARK – No Longer Required

City of Brooklyn Park Point of Sale Housing Inspections

Beginning in the summer of 2013, the city of Brooklyn Park no longer requires a Point of Sale Inspection by homeowners. 

The City of Brooklyn Park

CRYSTAL – No Longer Required

Crystal Housing Maintenance Compliance Inspection

Towards the end of September 2015, the city of Crystal no longer requires a Point of Sale Inspection by homeowners. 

The City of Crystal


City of Golden Valley Point of Sale

The city of Golden Valley requires all properties to have a sanitary sewer inspection before sellers can advertise the property for sale, plus homeowners will also have to obtain a Certificate of 1/1 Compliance from the city before selling the home.

The City of Golden Valley


City of Hopkins Truth in Housing

When you get a Truth-in-Housing report done on your home in Hopkins it is valid for one year from the date of the inspection and it’s only for the owner named on the report, so you can not reuse an old one or any from a previous owner. Any questions regarding your report should be directed to the Truth-in-Housing evaluator whose name and phone number on the report given.

The City of Hopkins


City of Maplewood Truth in Housing

Maplewood requires homeowners to have the Truth-in-Housing inspection prior to sale, however the seller is not required to fix any items found in the report. They do have to disclose the report results to the buyer before sale.

The City of Maplewood


City of Minneapolis Truth in Housing

The city of Minneapolis Truth in Sale needs to be done within 3 days of putting the house up for sale, this includes listing, advertising, for sale sign in the yard) and it can not be shown to prospective buyers until the inspection is done. The report is good for 2 years or until the property title changes ownership.

The City of Minneapolis


City of New Hope Point of Sale

In the city of New Hope, if the seller is physically or financially unable to make the required point-of-sale items, the home may be sold “as is”, as long as the buyer commits to making the repairs. The buyer then must complete a Temporary Dwelling Maintenance Agreement for Compliance and Escrow an amount to make the repairs within 90 days of the closing date.

Inspections Staff
Phone: 763-531-5127

OSSEO – No Longer Required

City of Osseo Truth in Housing

In January 2016, the city of Osseo no longer requires a Truth In Housing Inspection by homeowners. 

The City of Osseo


City of Richfield Point of Sale Inspection

The city of Richfield requires homeowners to fill out a Point of Sale Inspection application form then mail that into the city with the appropriate fee. The cost is $150 for single family, $250 for a 2 family home and $100 for a condominium. Once the seller has mailed in the application form with the check it is the duty of the homeowner to arrange the Point of Sale Inspection.

Richfield Municipal Center
6700 Portland Avenue
Richfield, MN.  55423  — by mail or in person


Robbinsdale Point of Sale

The city of Robbinsdale offers a quick Point of Sale Inspection reference list on their website to help homeowners who want to sell an easy overview of items to review/fix if needed prior to the Truth In Housing inspector visits the home. This can save a homeowner a lot of time!

The City of Robbinsdale


St Louis Park Point of Sale

If the seller lives in St. Louis Park they must apply for a Property Maintenance Inspection Permit (aka Point of Sale Permit) and schedule an inspection before listing the property. This can be done through epermits online, email, person or by calling the city.

The City of St. Louis Park
5005 Minnetonka Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN.  55416  — by mail or in person


City of St Paul Truth in Housing

The Saint Paul Truth-in-Sale of Housing Program is a “disclosure only” requirement, with just one exception. The only item that has to be remedied is the lack of a hard-wired smoke detector (HWSD – Item No. 39 on the Disclosure Report). If there are no hard-wired smoke detectors present in the single-family home then the owner will be required to have one installed. (Installation must be done with an electrical permit, usually by a licensed contractor.) 

The City of St. Paul


South St Paul Time of Sale Inspections

The city of South St. Paul requires homeowners must have a Time-of-Sale evaluation report on-site on the property when showing the home for sale.

The City of South St. Paul

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